AMG awarded $3.4 Million Air Force Contract

December 16, 2011 Ashley Marie Group, Inc. begins phase in operations for "Base-wide" grounds maintenance contract at COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, COLUMBUS MISSISSIPPI. Continue Reading

Christopher Marshall, Airfield Manager

“Thank you for the outstanding job you’re doing on the airfield” “Your dedication…..safeguards millions of dollars worth of aviation assets from potential catastrophic bird strikes” June 2, 2008 – Cannon AFB Grounds – Christopher Marshall, Airfield Manager Continue Reading

Bonnie Cooper, FPC

“The front entrance of Building 21 has never looked better. An excellent job!! Their willingness to help us every time we call is greatly appreciated. Please relay our appreciation!” March 20, 2003 - FLETC – Bonnie Cooper, FPC Continue Reading

FLETC Donald Gillispie, Branch Chief

“Also to be commended is their “Quality Assurance” personnel who never fail to follow-up on work performed and maintain a high quality liaison with our staff. Their self-initiative in meeting our needs is excellent” February 13, 2003 – FLETC Donald Gillispie, Branch Chief – AFT National Academy Continue Reading

Keith Beverly, Division Roadside Supervisor

“One of the best working relationships with this office of the other services we contract with” August 11, 2003 - DOT Rest Area Custodial – Keith Beverly, Division Roadside Supervisor Continue Reading

Charles Harrell

“BTC was very instrumental in preparing the FLETC grounds for Former President George Bush’s visit” September 21, 2001 – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center – Charles Harrell, CO Continue Reading

Pat Mansfield, Roadside Environmental Engineer

“Thank you and your staff for maintaining this facility in a very good condition. The visitors to our great state are often complimentary and appreciative. This is due in great part to your dedicated staff.” July 20, 2000 - Rest Area custodial Contract NCDOT – Pat Mansfield, Roadside Environmental Engineer Continue Reading

Ben Barker COTR

“Your company has my highest recommendation for future government contracted work here at Gulfport or any other activity in the world” August 29, 2007 - Gulfport MS – Ben Barker COTR Continue Reading

Rick Miller, Regional Mgr.

“Quick to resolve any issues, availability was excellent, always looking for win-win solutions.” February 4 2003 - Children’s World Day Care – Rick Miller, Regional Mgr. Continue Reading

October 18 2007 – Gulfport MS – Cara Moreno, CO

“Look forward to possible future contract relationships. Very customer service oriented with a “whatever it takes to get the job done” attitude.” October 18 2007 - Gulfport MS – Cara Moreno, CO Continue Reading